1mm BTU DragonFly Line Heater Picture

trailer mounted line heaterGuaranteed to make you drool, this picture shows one of our DragonFly portable line heaters before it was picked up by the customer. It features a “high-density” coil-pack with 18 total passes; 6 at 6000 psi and 12 passes at 3500 psi downstream of the choke. Coil-packs can be ordered in different pressures and densities.

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Line heaters in summer?

Yeah, I know, sort of strange to be thinking about line heaters just as Summer is starting.  But the simple fact is now is when you should be thinking about them. Why?  Because you want to make sure you are covered when the cold and snow arrive.  The lead time on line heaters runs 3 to 4 months so now is a good time to put your order in to ensure you have yours on-hand when Jack Frost shows up.  For more information about our portable 1MM, 1.5MM and 2.0MM BTU line heaters click on this link: http://www.mtnequip.com/line-heaters.

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Video showing strength of Gen-2 43′ portable flare stack

This short video, just over 1 minute long, shows the strength of the boom and the on-board hydraulics.

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36″ x 15′ x 1440 psi 4-phase Test Separator ready

ASME Test Separator

This new skidded test separator is ready to ship. It is a 4-phase 36″ x 15′ x 1440 psi working pressure ASME and NACE certified unit with an 18″ manway. A 4 phase is the same as a 3 phase but it can also separate and dump sand without needing to shut-in the well. This unit features a 4″ Daniel Senior meter run, dual oil & water outs with turbine meters and digital Totalizers, a full co-mingle manifold and system bypass, and an integrated 4000cc shrinkage tester. It includes all pipeworks, valves, instruments and controls and is ready to rig up. All wetted parts are certified NACE. For more info and pictures click on this link.

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Hello world!

Welcome to Mountain Equipment’s new blog.  I’ll be posting pictures of our equipment, specifications, thoughts about new developments, and whatever else strikes my fancy as long as it pertains to Mountain Equipment.

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